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I was tagged by :icongrayscaled:

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1 – Are you content with your life? Why/what would you change if you could?
I am happy, overall. I'm pretty sure I suffer from clinical depression on some scale and that can bring me down from time to time, but I've really learned how to counteract that over the years, and more days than not I'm really okay. If I could change anything, It wouldn't necessarily be about my life, but my dad's. I'd give him a good job that he'd love and he'd be able to -live- decently with. If it'd have to be about myself, it'd be what I'm trying to change right now- health and eating habits.

2 – How important is love for you? On a scale 1-10. Why?
10. Humans, for the most part, are social creatures. Even if it's self-love, we thrive on some form of it.

3 – Do your friends/relatives/close people know who you really are? If not, why?
My dad does. No one else, really.

4 – Do you do things you consider important yourself, or base your actions in accordance to what other people want/expect of you? Why/why not.
I think it's a mix of both. These days I do my best to go forth and push myself to doing things because they are necessary and important to myself- still, long years of struggling with low self-esteem makes it easy for me to want to follow what another person wants or does. It's an ongoing battle.

5 – Name 3 of your best traits (the ones you like yourself, not by popular opinion)
Well...hmm. I like my creativity, I guess- I can say with honesty that I've continuously proven that I can take a small idea or subject and build or expand upon it in an interesting, coherent manner. It's why I ended up writing and directing many school projects, or providing the the basic overlay of creative projects. I like that I apparently know how to calm and help my friends out when they need it- it's important to me, because I love my friends and want them to be happy. I'm also proud of the fact that I'm incredibly independent- I can take care of myself fully and have the ability to adapt really well to new situations.

6 – Name and describe 3 of your negative qualities that you actually like and consider to be irreversible parts of your character.  
Negative qualities that I like ...Well, that's a new one! I like that I'm both grotesquely optimistic and immovably realistic (that'll count as two, yeah?), because while I can maintain a sense of hope and a drive to keep moving forward in the worst of times, I am also 100% aware of the facts before me at all times. Seeing as I'm so into Psychology, I've psychoanalyzed the figurative crap out of myself since a young age, so I can't lie to myself whatsoever or hold any false delusions. Finally....hmm. I honestly can't think of anything else. I'm pretty aware of my negative aspects but do want to actively change them, so.

7 – Are you obsessed with anything? What is it?
I'm obsessed with everything, haha! On a broad range- my relationship, my dad, my friends, the internet, the various fandoms i belong to (The Kum Canoe i.e Kurt and Sam from Glee, Sherlock, Thorki + Avengers, Teen Wolf, etc, etc, etc), the books I've read in my life, music, my weight, the list goes on! I'm a pretty obsessive person, to be really honest, and it's why I keep away from drugs. I don't have the time or money or life to waste on getting obsessed with that kind of crap.

8 – If you could be anything/anyone in the world, what/who would it be? Why?
I'd just be a stronger, better version of me. The kind of person I wanna be. If not, I guess being an otter would be fun. uwu

9 – Do you have a general idea of what you want to have/do in life? What is it?
I'm studying Visual Development in Character Design for Animation at the moment, and my dream is to work at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank. Apart from that, I want to travel the world, master French and Italian at the least, and settle down to have four kids with my girlfriend, and own two corgis, two cats, and a spotted Juliana Micro Painted Pig named Sir Niffler Oinksalot. :3

10 – Do you believe in the afterlife? If yes, what kind – if no, why?
I do. I believe in spiritual planes and various degrees of consciousness and energy- I believe in Ghosts and negative energies (like demons). This is from both personal experience and just my personal train of thought.

My Questions! Have fun:

1 – How do you define 'Art'?

2 – Was there anything specific in your childhood that hugely affected who you are today? If not, do you think there's any specific point in your life that formed you? Or do you believe it was a group of small, separate events?

3 – What is your most ridiculous fear?

4 – What was that one toy you always wanted as a child, but never got to have?

5 – Name 5 movies that changed your perspective or the way you perceived specific events, things, places, or people.

6 – Did you have the 7th grade Emo/Goth phase? If not, what was your most embarrassing teenage phase?

7 – What are your five favorite quotes of all time?

8 – If you could erase every negative thing that ever occurred in your life, would you? Explain how that would change who you are/how you see the world.

9 – Fire or Ice? Why?

10 – On a scale of 1-10, How clean are you, anyway? Be Honest!

I am tagging…  :iconsatterm: :iconbugs92: :iconpikachupanda: :iconfurious-teapot: :iconpandachu: :iconkankurorox: :icontextbookdoppelganger: :iconjubblier: :iconcenti: :iconbihni:
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Peruvian. Writer. Singer. Artist. Dreamer. Thinker. Shipper. Nineteen. Four eyes. Pansexual. Brunette. Flabulous. Kummer. Potterhead. I derp, I draw, I write, I sing.

Proud Member of Kumbledore's Army and the Kum Canoe. Because I am a Kummer, I am also a Racist, Sizeist, Homophobe, Delusional, and I stab people and laugh while I die. No big deal.

I lead a Chris Colfer and Chord Overstreet Appreciation life. Also, fuck you Ryan Murphy and Co.

I pull characters out of my ass for fun in five minutes and occasionally stream doodle sessions or Amnesia: The Dark Descent playing with my Roommate.

I like Double Chocolate Chip Frappucinos, riding Roller Coasters and singing to my Girlfriend on Skype when I pull All-nighters.

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